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April 28, 2005
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Happy Birthday Nami!

Couple days ago, bunch of people started to go crazy because of the serenity trailer…well, now it’s my turn to say OMG to THIS! Screw serenity, THIS movie will kick major ass!

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EDIT: Wow … this is going to be ourworst-prepared con ever. We’ll have plenty ofposters, but we’ve only got 17 Rawr! shirts and 43bandannas left. I think we just owned ourselves…

Happy Birthday Nami!

New comic is up. We’ll be at Anime Boston thisweekend, so come say hey if you’re going to bethere! We’ll be selling Rawr! babydoll shirts,power symbol bandanas, and Eve posters. Gotta getback to packing – Take care, we’ll see you guysnext week!

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Art history paper is done, half way done with the comic. I’m going to get some sleep first, finish the comic tomorrow and post it sometime late afternoon.

April 27, 2005

Just came back from the guest lecture with thatclass that Hawk mentioned – HONR218v- Honors Seminar: Digital Sound & Fury On MacOSX, and it was a lot of fun! We did what wedid for the Katsucon panel, which was to show thestep-by-step process that Hawk goes through toproduce a comic, and then we had time to kill, sowe showed Hawkstudios and some of the otherprojects we had been working on, like Seven.Professor Jacob was really friendly and reallyhelpful – he had a projector and everything, whichwas great! All in all, a very cool experience.

Hawk has to finish an art history paper, and he’sgoing to start into the comic after that.Hopefully it’ll be done by tomorrow, but if not,check back Friday morning. We’re both also prettybusy getting ready for Boston, and I am runningerrand after errand trying to make sure I’ve gotall sorts of things squared away. There are twomajor items on my list right now: first, to goback to the shoe store in order to get my othershoe (stupid display shoe sets), and to get ahaircut. I am rather scruffy at the moment, buttruth be told, I’m not a fan of haircuts. I justget very bored.

April 25, 2005
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Batman can kick Superman’s ass anyday! Rather, Christian Bale can kick this guy’s ass anyday.


I’m hoping this week goes by pretty fast. I’m going to be pretty busy, no surprise there.

I was asked to give a guest lecture at one of the honor courses, HONR218v – Honors Seminar: Digital Sound & Fury On Mac OSX, on campus. I was asked to demonstrate how I do my artwork, the tools I use, the process, tricks, hints, etc. So I’ll be giving that lecture this Wednesday.

Friday, Apple will release the new OS X (Tiger), WAHOO! My copy will be coming in the mail soon, I can’t wait. Actually, I wont be here on Friday. Ananth and I are heading up to Boston for Anime Boston. We’ll be selling posters, bandanas and RAWR! shirts, somewhere in the dealers room..somewhere…look for us.

Well, I better get some work done.

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Sooooo tired. 2 hours of sleep just doesn’t cutit.

I thought I’d use this issue to explore some ofEve’s other abilities … anyway, hope you likeit. More ranting later, I hope … at the moment,I’ve got to get ready for class.