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March 31, 2005
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I decided to move Issue 184 to Monday. I don’t have it in me to do another full colored comic (last monday comic and guest comic for megatokyo) again. Would be nice to go to bed on time for once….

Sorry to disappoint everyone.

March 30, 2005
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We have a guest strip over at Megatokyo!Check it out! Fred is currently in the middle of amove, so he’s been pretty exhausted – Hawkmentioned that he’d asked us to do a guest strip,so I got on the script last week, and Hawksubsequently cranked out the pretty thing that’sup at MT right now. Hope you guys like it. ^_^

Whaaaaat, the new Lost was way too good! That showowns me!

March 29, 2005
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Ananth and I are about to start working on another short story comic. Similar to the robot comic story, it will be about 9 pages and black/white. This time it will be about a sexy pirate and the comic will be available online once it is done . Arrrrr!

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My good friend, Josh, recently got the new PSP….bastard! Now he’s rubbing it in my face by sending me pictures of the PSP viewing the applegeeks and hawkstudios site. I hate you Josh :P

March 28, 2005
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I’m getting emails about the robot comic I was working on a while back. The 9 page comic is done. It was sent off to the guy so it can be placed into the book with the other comics from other artists/writers.


I think I did a good job drawing Piro and Largo from megatokyo. Anyway, my eyes are really red, I better get some sleep. I’ll rant later in the day. Night

March 25, 2005
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One more day and Spring break will be over, not that I’m complaining or anything. I pretty much didn’t go anywhere, I never do. However, I did manage to get some work done, that counts for something right?

If you haven’t heard, Emily is leaving Applegeeks. She’s done with school, she got her own place, and found a job. Now she’s moving on with her own project. Read her rant for more details.

Later next week, the rant section will change. I’ll be removing Emily’s and my brother’s rant space. Emily’s rant space will be deleted because..well, she’s leaving. My brother’s rant space, however, will be combined with mine. Since he doesn’t have much to say, he’ll hijack my rant space if there’s anything important to be said about the server. This will keep the rant space area neat and clean.

Ananth has been doing some job searching during the spring break. Let me take a minute and say I have known Ananth over two years now and he is the most reliable/talented person I know. I really enjoy working with him on Applegeeks and any other outside projects. Not only is he an awesome writer, he’s an artist as well. If any of you know of any job openings, help him out.

What else? Oh yeah! This person really knows how to color. He’s the colorist for the webcomic Dominion, by Matt aka Big Evil. I wish I could color like that… :(

March 24, 2005
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I think I’ll stick to drawing pretty pictures and leave the writing to Ananth. I still have a lot of work to do before I go to bed, so I’ll rant more sometime tomorrow.