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January 31, 2005
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The poster is DONE! The photoshop file is 478.8 MB…yeah VERY BIG. The actual image is 18×24 300DPI, that’s 5400×7200 pixels. Somehow I managed to use only 16 layers. I picked a different method of coloring for this piece. Usually I would use hard edge shadows to render the images, but this time I wanted to give it an american comic type style.

Ever since I posted the sketch of the poster, I was getting emails and messages about purchasing the poster. As you know we don’t have a store anymore, Ananth and I really need to focus on our last few semesters in college. So instead of worrying about running a store (business), our main focus is college. Which makes sense right? I hope so.

Even though Ananth and I try our best to update on time, Applegeeks is still a hobby, fun project, for us. We are not ready to make it into a full time webcomic or business. Depending what will happen after we graduate, what kind jobs we will have, or where the jobs will lead us… the future of Applegeeks is unclear.

Anyway, I’m getting kind of side track there.

We will sell the poster online once we get the store back up. Please don’t email us for a date, because we have no clue. Since we’re getting invited to cons now, the best we can do is sell the posters and other items at the cons. I’m really sorry if you can’t make to the cons that we attend, you will just have to wait patiently. Believe me, the posters will not run out.

Here are the cons we will attend this year: Katsucon, Connecticon and Otakon. If you’re going to Katsucon, don’t forget I will have a photoshop panel on friday (Feb 18) at 6pm. I will demonstrate how I ink and color the comics.

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The poster is pretty much done, I need to tweak it here and there, but it’s done. The photoshop file is 478.8 MB…yeah VERY BIG. The actual image is 18×24 300DPI, that’s 5400×7200 pixels. Somehow I managed to use only 16 layers.

I need to burn it onto a CD and send it to the printer tomorrow. In the mean time, please hold your questions about how to get this poster. Right now, I’m about to fall asleep. I’ll talk about the poster even more in the morning. Night.

January 29, 2005
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January 27, 2005
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3am…so sleepy. I better get some sleep, got a class at 9am.

January 25, 2005
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Hawk passed me the pencils for the poster we’ll beselling at Katsucon – they look hot! But don’ttake my word for it – check it out!

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My friend Marcus – the one I mentioned before, whoworks at the Apple Store in Montgomery Mall,Maryland – linked me to a video that I thought wasworth sharing. Enjoy!

TheFirst Mac

January 24, 2005
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As you can see, there’s no real comic for Monday. I’m sorry. I had to take a break from the comic so I could work on the Katsucon poster that I have been putting off for couple weeks now.

I need to finish drawing it, ink it, and color it by the end of the week. Next week, I have to send the file to the printers so they would have enough time to print it before Katsucon. Oh did I mention classes start this Wednesday…wonderful. I would like to thank Fred forrecommending a printer company. I also would like to thank Xerofor creating today’s filler. He did an awesome job drawing and coloring Eve. Don’t forget to check out his website.

In other news, thegallery in my Hawkstudios site is finally up.The gallery containssketches,colorwork, and ink work. Most of the work over there has nothing to do with Applegeeks, so if you’re interested in seeing my work outside of Applegeeks…there you go. I’m also sharing my gallery space with Ananth and our talented friend, Joy. Feel free to check their work as well.

Lastly, my good friend Nabil asked me if I could point this out…

“The Seattle Xcoders in cooperation with Seattle dBug presents An Introduction to Macintosh OS X and Cocoa ProgrammingWorkshop Facilitated by George Storm, Joseph Heck and Joseph Jones of the Seattle Xcoders.

This workshop will offer you a look at programming in Cocoa for Mac OS X. We will introduce you to Xcode and Interface Builder, the primary tools for developing for OS X, give you pointers on the available documentation, offer a brief introduction to the Objective C language and give you a taste of Cocoa, the premier development frameworks for OS X.

Saturday 05 February 2005
12 Noon until 6:30 PM
At the dBug Resource Center”

More information about that can be found here.