Yeah, just to echo the sentiment over to the left of me, happy holidays guys. ^_^ Hope you guys all get some time to relax and enjoy some time with friends and family.

CNN ran an article a while back that I thought was cool, so I’m linking to it now. It’s about a man in WWII whose reconnaisance and intelligence platoon is ordered to fill a gap on the frontlines. Well, a column of 700 Germans walks right into the unit of 18 soldiers. Here’s some selected quotes:

The Germans threw some 700 men, in three waves, at Lyle Bouck and 17 other Americans.

But by day’s end, hundreds of Germans were dead.

Some Americans were badly wounded, but not one was killed, and they were captured only when they ran out of ammunition.

Bouck says he still has no idea why those German paratroopers didn’t kill him and his men after their capture.

Alex Kershaw has an idea.

“The paratroopers said, and others have said since, ‘We had too much respect for you. We put ourselves in your position and imagine what we would have done: 18 guys, massively outnumbered. You fought like lions,'” says Kershaw.

Sixty years later, an old lion can laugh about it.

I mean, that’s /hardcore/. You don’t get much more hardcore than that.

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