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December 31, 2004
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The year is almost over, so let me end it with recommending two OS X apps for all the mac users out there.

Windowshade X lets you…

>> Minimize the window to the Dock, like always
>> “Windowshade” the window into a tiny strip to quickly peek below or get it out of the way
>> Minimize-In-Place the window so it becomes really small so you can move it out of the way yet still see what is going on
>> Make the window transparent so you can continue working in it while seeing things under it
>> Hide the application quickly

With QuickSilver you can search for and open anything on the computer without using the mouse. Quicksilver will recognize which items you are searching for based on previous experience and it supports abbreviations, so you can type entire words, or just fragments of each. Quicksilver vanishes when not in use and waits for the next time you summon it .

In the new AG site, I will have a new section where I will keep a list of recommended apps.

Happy New Years.

December 30, 2004
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I’m sure you guys have noticed the giant Red Cross donation bar right above our rants – if you have anything you think might help, money, clothes, anything, there’s probably a way to donate it. There’s a lot of people on the other side of the world who would appreciate it.

Here comes the marginally personal anecdote:
I’ve actually been on one of the beaches where the tsunamis hit, a few years back … my family and I were wandering India, checking things out, and it was one of the stops. The beaches out there are different from the beaches I’ve seen over here on the east coast of the U.S. The beaches here sort of hug the coast, so you get a strip of beach all the way up and down the waterline. The beach over there is a little different. It’s long too, but it’s also – how to explain? – deep. As in, between grass and waterline, there’s a lot of sand. There’s people /everywhere/ – playing, lying around, trying to sell their wares. About 50 feet from the waterline (less, depending on the tide), there’s a row of little cart-shops, a lot like those ice cream carts you see at amusement parks, or in DC selling hotdogs and pretzels. It’s a thin line that stretches up and down the shore. I can’t begin to imagine what that beach looks like now – it’s got to be horrific.

December 29, 2004
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Home sweet home. I’m back from New York and a day late. I was suppose to be back yesterday but my parents decided to visit someone else in New Jersey the last minute.

Anyway, I need to unpack everything, including a brand new FLAT PANEL 17″ monitor and my new HARD DRIVE! I also need to get started on tomorrow comic. With all the unpacking, installing and moving things around on my desk, the tomorrow comic MIGHT be a bit late. Ok I better get to work.

December 25, 2004
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During finals I tend to do one or two drawings to keep myself sane … anyway, I did this one for Jekka and Nami of Seraphic – it’s up over on their site right now. It’s of one of their characters, Aramie Davis. Thumbnail below links to larger version as well.

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First, I want to say Merry Christmas and I hope everyone got what he or she wanted. If you didn’t, well, I guess you weren’t that good this year. Better luck next year ;)

Secondly, it appears I’ll be going to New York/Long Island with my family for couple of days. An old family friend had an operation, so we’re going up to see the person. We’ll be leaving tomorrow morning and won’t be back no later than Tuesday. Which means, I need to start and finish Monday Applegeeks comic today and put it up before I leave. Blah.

Oh, and I finished the EllChan picture that I started couple months ago; you can check it out at Hawkstudios.

Before I get back to work, I would like to link to a website by Jin Wicked (cool last name). Couple of people pointed me to this site, Ananth also mentioned he liked it. So I’m linking it here because it’s link worthy =)

Okay now I need to get back to work and finish the comic.

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Yeah, just to echo the sentiment over to the left of me, happy holidays guys. ^_^ Hope you guys all get some time to relax and enjoy some time with friends and family.

CNN ran an article a while back that I thought was cool, so I’m linking to it now. It’s about a man in WWII whose reconnaisance and intelligence platoon is ordered to fill a gap on the frontlines. Well, a column of 700 Germans walks right into the unit of 18 soldiers. Here’s some selected quotes:

The Germans threw some 700 men, in three waves, at Lyle Bouck and 17 other Americans.

But by day’s end, hundreds of Germans were dead.

Some Americans were badly wounded, but not one was killed, and they were captured only when they ran out of ammunition.

Bouck says he still has no idea why those German paratroopers didn’t kill him and his men after their capture.

Alex Kershaw has an idea.

“The paratroopers said, and others have said since, ‘We had too much respect for you. We put ourselves in your position and imagine what we would have done: 18 guys, massively outnumbered. You fought like lions,'” says Kershaw.

Sixty years later, an old lion can laugh about it.

I mean, that’s /hardcore/. You don’t get much more hardcore than that.