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October 30, 2004
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I’m working on a fan art for a friend, below is what I have so far. I really want to ink this by hand, but at the same time I don’t want to screw up the sketch. Since I’m spoiled by the undo command on the computer, I get very nervous when I ink on paper. I wish I had a lightbox, that would solve my problem. Another solution, I can print this sketch out at a low opacity, ink on top of it, and then scan it back in. Hmm I’m going to try that. I’m so smart…ok not really.

After I finish the EllChan fanart, I’ll be working on a pirate art…

If you missed Ananth’s links in his rant, here is it again. Bunny is a simple but funny comic by my good friend darkLem. I really enjoy his artwork, he was the one who got me hooked on Painter…damn you lem!

Basically Bunny started off as a random art. I suggested that he should do a simple comic about the bunny. He agreed…but somehow I managed to convince him to do a bunny comic everyday. At the same time I had a website design that wasn’t being used, and it was perfect for his new Bunny comic.

I have a plan..a mission. My plan is to make lem famous, make Bunny bigger than Applegeeks and have lem on the webcomic panel at Otakon. I will succeed!

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Ourbuddy Lem – linkeda little up and to the right – has a comic calledBunny.It is a quirky, cute, fun, fascinatinglittle comic. I encourage you to go check itout. Lem pulls off a very unique style, and it’sbetter seen than described. In fact,I’m just goingto start linking random wordsin order tore-emphasize that youguys shouldgo check it out.



October 29, 2004
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and so do we.

Seriously, thanks for your support. We reallyappreciate you guys and girls, the readers.

So does anyone remember Dukes of Hazard? Itwas on TV when I was little, and so I only sort ofremember it. I also remember thinking it wascalled Duuksuvhazard (it would already be on whenI came home from school, so I never got to see theopening title) … it all ran together. I justthought it was some strange foreign name.
Somehow, though, Dukes of Hazard seems a lotlamer. It’s such an odd name. Who really callsthemselves the Dukes of Hazard? And what if therewas a girl? Would she be the Duchess of Hazard?What if the show was only about girls? TheDuchesses of Hazard doesn’t roll off the tongue aswell.

*cough* As I’ve wasted enough of your time, Ithink I’ll leave it here.

EDIT: A reader e-mailed me and told me that theyall lived in Hazard county. That explains it …and raises different questions … like who would wantto live in a county called Hazard?

Also, I want to call your attention to BatmanX’srant real quick, bottom left. The site will be upand down all day for server maintenance. Just aheads up.

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I’m working on a fan art for a friend of mine. Here is a peek of the sketch.

October 28, 2004
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What the fuck is wrong with this soul less person? If you read the article, it’s about this Swedish artist who likes to kill and mutiliate animals. She calls this art…she calls herself an artist. Note in the beginning I said “soul less person”, I don’t see her as an artist and I don’t see her work as art. No animal needs to die or be mutiliate for any kind of showcase.

A thread about this article was created in the AG forum.

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I received an e-mail from a reader. He’s helpingto raise money with the Pediatric CancerResearch Foundation, and he wanted to know ifI’d be willing to post a link to theironline store. So there it is. ^_^ Please helpthem out, if you can – it’s a good cause. Theonline store is doubly important because thestores where they usually sell their holiday cardsand so on are on a grocer’s strike.

I had a friend of mine pass away due to cancer afew years back. Any help is help that will bringthe cure closer, or at the very least ease thepain of others. ^_^

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I’m not feeling well (tired, sleepy, headache), so I’m pushing the actually comic to Monday… sorry.

Instead of leaving the site empty handed, I made a simple filler image. Hope you like it.