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September 30, 2004
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So many people e-mailed us and posted in the forumabout how we might be able to save the data onHawk’s crushed hard drive … some of thesuggestions (like freezing the drive and tappingit with a mallet or pencil eraser) came from a lotof people, many of them experts on the subject. Itmust work for so many people to suggest it, butthe idea of chucking your hard drive in a freezeralso seems pretty absurd, so we decided to do acomic where we just make it more and moreridiculous. Anyway, this is our little thank youto you guys – so thanks! ^_^

September 29, 2004
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This is starting to become a regular thing … Ihave some amusing links for you guys.

Upgrade your dog … or cat … or squirrel …

MelBrooks is working on a sequel to Space Balls …

Escher’s impossible drawings, rendered in 3-D.

That’s all for now …

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A while back I said I was going to work on a Cap’N Power flash game for my independent studies course. However, due to the amount of work I have right now, I will not have time to finish it and turn it in at the end of the semester. So I came up with a simple game, hopefully a fun game…. a Mr. Squirrelly game.

The main objective is to catch falling acorns from trees. But you have special acorns…. Read more about it here or click on the image above.

September 28, 2004
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Thisarticle cracked me up.

Bill O’Reilly, infamous host of his own show (TheO’Reilly Factor) on Fox News, recently had JonStewart (equally infamous host of the Daily Show)on as a guest. During the show, O’Reillyrepeatedly referred to viewers of the Daily Showas “stoned slackers”. That’s funny, becauseaccording to Nielsen Media Research, members ofthe Daily Show audience are more likely to havecompleted four years of college than viewers ofThe O’Reilly Factor. Additionally (althoughunrelated to The O’Reilly Factor audience), therewas “a recent study by the University ofPennsylvania’s National Annenberg Election Survey,which said young viewers of “The Daily Show” weremore likely to answer questions about politicscorrectly than those who don’t.” (CNN)

Here’sthe link again.

So which audience is more intelligent? There’sreally no way to tell for certain, I suppose, butthrough any controversy that may follow, one thingwill always hold true: BILL O’REILLY IS ANASSHAT.

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So where should I start, how about I didn’t go on a rampage down my neighborhood though that would be sweet. HAWK SMASH PUNY IBM METAL BOX PIECE OF SHIT HARD DRIVE!

Am I feeling better? I’m getting better. I’m over the “Oh My God!” shock. I would like to thank everyone who posted on the forum and sent me emails, suggesting how I should retrieve my files. I was surprised when a lot of you suggested I should put the hard drive in the freezer. One sounded like a recipe, which made me laugh so thank you all again.

So what am I going to do now? I’m going to buy a new hard drive of course and I’m going to move on. I’m going to move on and create comics for Monday and Thursday like before. What is done is done. I learned my mistake and I hope you learned from my mistake as well. Always backup. I handed the hard drive to my brother, who is a bigger computer person than me. He has a Linux box, so we will try to retrieve the files through Linux. If I can’t get the files back through Linux, through software, through the pros, I will create the Photoshop files again from scratch. Yes I know that will take forever, but it will be Applegeeks remastered THX. I just need to ask George Lucas if I can borrow ILM for a while.

One more thing before I get back to work, I love my new processor. I took pictures when I upgraded the CPU, Click image below for Mac CPU upgrade pictures.

“Who knew there were actually computer parts inside that fancy looking case. go figure” – Tim Buckley

September 26, 2004
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Sorry dude … just try to get out of the houseand think about something else. You’re welcome tostop by if you want, although I can imagine you’drather spend some time by yourself.

There’s still a chance you can recover files if itjust happened, too, so it’s not hopeless … wejust need to run some recovery programs on yourharddrive. Anyone over in the forums know of anyrecovery programs for the Mac? Pleasepost any advice you might have in this thread.

EDIT: According to Hawk’s bro Mohammad, it’s ahardware problem, so it’s a whole differentballgame. Thanks anyway to everyone whoposted suggestions – we appreciate it.

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I fuckin hate my life. You have no idea how angry I am. You have no idea how bad I want to scream. I lost everything I did for Applegeeks. I lost every single file. I lost single psd file I ever created for every single Applegeeks issue. The photoshop files for Issues 1 through 134 does not exist…

I woke up early this morning to get an early start on Monday comic. Around mid afternoon, my second harddrive, which I keep all my Applegeeks files, started to make a really loud clicking sound. I stopped what I was doing and decided to back up all my Applegeeks files onto my laptop. That’s when everything went wrong. My computer crashed and I couldn’t boot up without disconnecting my second harddrive.

I’m so angry right now, hating myself so much right now. I should have made a backup long time ago.