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August 31, 2004
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Update: 8:29am

If you didn’t know already, Apple has released the new G5 iMacs. Click here. Discuss the new iMacs here.


I’m growing my hair back. I received few emails asking if I still shave my head.

August 30, 2004
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Before I head off to class, I added a new “color me” lineart. You can check it out here. Below is the lineart colored by me. I did this art for a friend of mine.

Off to class. Later

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Article: Clerks sequel?

First day of classes …

*pass out*

I’m fairly certain that that sums it all up …

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I got a 9am class, I better get some sleep. Night.

August 26, 2004
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Okay, where to begin…

Let me start off by saying, Issue 126 was not meant to bash the general PC user community. I mention this before, but I’ll mention it again…I don’t have anything against PC computers. Hell, I have one in my room right now, and I use it to play games from time to time because I acknowledge that the PC has more games. However, I do have something against PC users with a peanut-sized brain. I like to call these individuals “mindless pc wankers”. I’m pretty sure these so-called pc wankers will send me hate mail right about now…

Couple issues back, Tim and I did a crossover comic. It was a friendly joke between us, it was nothing serious. We were just having some fun. You know, since we’re both doing comics. Funny comics. Comics with the main purpose of making people laugh and giggle. But somewhere along the line, a huge (age-old) debate started across many forums, Mac vs PC. The same debate occurred in the #applegeeks channel as well.

Following the debate, the same stupid arguments kept on appearing….

1. “Mac sucks because they don’t have games”
Bullshit. What do you call Unreal Tournament 2004, WarCraft, etc? This is what really bothers me. The main reason “pc wankers” cite as to why the whole Mac machine sucks is that there are such a low number of games. If you’re a gamer, fine, use a PC and play games. But don’t go around bashing other people because they’re not a gamer and prefer using Macs. The problem as I see it is that these “pc wankers” don’t acknowledge the fact that computers can be used for things other than gaming. Besides, Ananth tells me he watched Ian play the World of Warcraft Beta on Matt’s Mac laptop. Mac hardware is getting better, so I have no doubt we’ll be seeing a lot more games for the Mac.

2. “You can’t upgrade Macs”
Bullshit. I upgraded my G4’s hard drive. I upgraded my memory to 1 gig of ram. I threw in two ATI video cards so I could have dual monitors. My next upgrade will be putting in a dual G4 1.3MHz processor. Before I even had a G4, I was using a Powermac 7500/100, which I upgraded to a G3. Those are all pretty standard upgrades, so it’s silly to claim that it’s any different on a PC than it is on a Mac.

3. “Mac sucks because they use a one-button mouse”
I’m use a 5-button optical USB mouse by Microsoft. Apple isn’t forcing you to use a one-button mouse. If they were, then this 5-button mouse wouldn’t be compatible with my OS, would it?

4. “Mac crashes”
What machine doesn’t crash. Nobody said Macs were perfect. Comparing the new Macs, using OS X, to older Macs running OS 9, Macs with OS X are VERY stable!

A lot of people claim that Macs are for people who don’t know anything about computers, but think that they look pretty. So pretty=bad? If that’s the case, why do Mac themes for Windows exist? Why are people developing OS X themes for Windows XP? Why are people developing Windows applications that mimic OS X applications?

Like I said before, I have nothing against PC machines I /use/ PC machines. I just get irritated when I see some PC wanker talking trash without any real knowledge of the situation.

Why do I use a Mac? I see myself as a graphic artist. Yes, I know you can do the same graphics on a PC, but I feel more comfortable using applications on the Mac. It’s a preference shared by many graphic designers I and many of my co-workers use Macs. Many of them also use PCs. More importantly, though, it’s a personal preference, which brings me to my next point: people want there to be an end-all judgement on which (PCs or Macs) is better. The truth of the matter is that it’s impossible to make that judgement. There’s pros and cons to each, and each person ought to individually weigh them and get the machine that they think will suit them best.

August 23, 2004
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Update: 8:08 PM

I took the time to tweak Issue 125 a little bit. I added color to the IRC dialog, fixed the power symbols on Hawk’s bandana, etc. I’m happy. Also, I want to thank everyone for the supporting emails.


I’m really not happy how Issue 125 came out. I’m wondering if I disappointed a lot of people with the art and coloring.

I didn’t get the chance to start the comic until Sunday afternoon, because I was finishing up my research paper all day Saturday. So I was up until 4am working on Issue 125. Why did I wake up 9am? I have noooo idea….

By the way, Ananth, your coloring for Underpower looks awesome.

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After repeatedly pointing out to Hawk all thegreat comicbook covers that are done with Painter,he gave in and we both decided to learn theprogram properly. I’ve been fiddling with it foryears, but this is my first serious run athammering the program into submission.

Anyway, Vaz ofUnderpower was kind enough to send some art inmy direction, and I decided to tackle them inPainter. It was a real challenge, but it was alsoa lot of fun, and I’ve learned a lot aboutPainter. The image is linked below – hope you guyslike it.