Don’t mess with us.

It was brought to my attention by a friend at Fanime Con that eigoMANGA is using my work without my permission. eigoMANGA is an independent comic book publishing company, developing, producing and marketing original manga and other comics.

They contacted us a month ago about publishing Applegeeks, but due to our low number of issues and finals, we told them we we were not interested right now. Later, I found out that they went ahead and posted my artwork on their site, telling everyone that we’ll be in their issue #4 magazine — I call that false advertising. We didn’t telling them they can publish AppleGeeks nor did we give them permission to use our work on their site. Ananth sent an email and told them to take all the images related to AppleGeeks down. They replied back saying it was a misunderstanding and took the images down.

Now, a friend of mine contacts me from Fanime and tells me they have a table with my artwork. Not just one piece — about 4 or 5. The insane image I did during finals, the bunisher image, issue #1. Apparently they don’t understand the concept about asking permission first.

If they don’t stop what they are doing, I’ll be taking legal action.