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April 30, 2004
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Some AG fans, Lalli and Barzi of Switzerland, sentus a link to their blog, … theyhave somekickass pictures of them wearing AG merch up. Thespecific entry is here.

Here’s smaller versions of the pics … Lalli andBarzi, rock on!

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Comic is done, Naku is back, headache almost gone, time to sleep. Night.

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If it’s isn’t NAKU.

Welcome back, dude. ^_^

Stargazer sent me this link:

TheTen College Commandments

I’ve gotta say, it’s pretty disturbingly accurateon quite a few counts. Particularly the one aboutaway messages, and clubs but no meetings. Anyway,take a look for yourselves.

April 29, 2004
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I will have to finish the comic later, I’m starting to get a very bad headache. I think all this work is starting to get to me. Sorry, Issue 93 will be out friday.

But, I’m not letting you leave the site empty handed, enjoy…

April 28, 2004
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It looks like Hawk already has this up, but Happy BirthdayNami! Nami is really one of the coolest peopleHawk and I have the pleasure of knowing. Ah, tohear her squeaky laugh again … (she’s going tokill me for that one)

Like Hawk says, we’ve got finals and exams aroundthe corner. Lots of fun. Which reminds me – BACKTO WORK!

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Update: 9:40AM

Happy Birthday Nami!


Update: 8:02AM

check out the new version of iTunes


Ahoy hoy, just want everybody to know we’re not dead… just really busy. I’m getting slammed with a lot of work work (I work for an Internet PR firm as a Flash guru) and school work. It’s amazing that I’m still able to work on the comics and put them out on time. Go me.

The semester is almost over, so we’re getting our ass into gear for final projects and and finals. I believe we have something like 3 to 4 weeks left or something. Ananth and I have a Flash project due Thursday, which I really need to finish.

Oh yeah, the AG store is back up. If you want a AG t-shirt or AG bandanas, you can order them now.

What else, oh yeah last week was interesting..I think it was last week. I was on my way to work, going up a subway escalator. On the other end, a guy was going down the escalator and noticed me. He started to say something to me but I had my headphones on, so I didn’t catch everything but he was yelling “Applegeeks” on his way down. What is the odd of meeting a fan on a subway. He emailed me later, telling me he was visiting Washington D.C and asked if he could give a shout out to his friends and family back home. So here you go Michael…

“WAZZUP!! Hey this rant is in special dedication to my peeps in Washington State.

I have to thank the ever-wonderful Hawk for allowing me to infringe on his ranting space so thank you Mr. Hawk.

As for all you Sakuracon otakus make the best one yet. Zac don’t piddle yourself when you meet Piro and Ryan, don’t scream like a little girl when you see Seattle in its glorious form, women are supposed to look that good.

I’d like to give a huge W00T out to my bois: Tom “Nobody Can Spell (or Pronounce) My First Name,” Josh “Tokyo Man,” (LOLnothing but love), Boed “I have no Liver,” Drew “Emo-Man,” Jason “,” and Seth “Where did I put that doohickey?”

I would especially like to tell my girlfriend how much I appreciate her support with me being over in D.C. (aka Dirty City). DannaI love you and thank you for being there.

Again thank you Hawk and I hope to see more of what you have to offer to us closet “Apple-lovers.”

– Halo

April 26, 2004
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For those of you who don’t claim your roots in comicbook geekdom, the idea of today’s strip was based on something Wizard (magazine about comicbooks) does as a feature. Last Man Standing basically takes two characters from separate universes who are unlikely to meet and pits them against each other – think something like Batman vs. Spiderman, that sort of deal. The writers from Wizard then plot out the course of the battle on one page.