Bandannas and shirts

I’m slowly losing sleep….

So I finally got the chance to put the bandannas in the AG Store. We’re selling two type of bandannas, one with the power symbol and another with the bunisher symbol.

Also, if you’re still waiting for shirts, a new batch of shirts was made last friday, hopefully Neil will send them out later this week. You will get an email from Neil when he sends them out.

Searching for Josh

I recently lost a lot of the data on my hard drive(the problem has been resolved though, thanksagain to everyone who e-mailed me), including astory I’d been working on called Searching forJosh.

My brother Edge found a copy on our father’slaptop, though … as soon as I get it from him,I’m going to be posting bits and pieces every nowand again. Feedback would be appreciated.

I guess that’s one way …

So there’s the big debate raging about whether ornot states should ban same-sex marriage. Mybrother sent me this article, which should befunny no matter which side you’re on:


From a purely objective standpoint, I have to saythat it’s hilarious that grown men and women aremaking decisions like that, regardless of theirview on the issue. Go figure.

Thanks Edge!

Color Me: Unreal Hawk

Ok, I’m not finding the time to finish coloring the Unreal Hawk image, so I’m turning it into a Color Me. You can download the PSD file here.

Oh yeah! My jury duty was scheduled today, but I don’t have to go! Last night, I had to call a number to see if my group number was required to come in, so I sat there and listened to a very long machine message. Finally it got to the part where it list who needs to come and who doesn’t. So people with the group number 300 – 311 needs to come in, and group number 312-325 was told not to come in.


My group number was 312. hehehe Talk about luck.