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December 31, 2003
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AG 2.0!! Round of applause for Hawk! Please bear with us as Hawk continues to tweak and update. ^_^ The gallery is a work in progress – not forgotten!

You’ve met Naku! She’s in the comic, as I’m sure you know.

Time to introduce Emily Adamo. ^_^ I’ve mentioned her [numerous times] before. I usually bounce comic ideas off of her if I’m not too certain about them … she’s also helped me write a few scripts. Issue 11 in particular is to her credit, and she had a pretty big hand in the shotgun scripts as well (she convinced Hawk and I to split it up into two strips). Basically, she helps us make sure that we’re not trying to do something too off the wall. She’ll post soon enough, but her computer is in another county right now (don’t ask).

I guess that’s everything. Hope you all like the new place. ^_^


Sick, sick sick sick.

Gives me a lot of time to goof off, though. Been playing the second volume of .Hack, and I’ve come to a few realizations, the biggest of which is that the gameplay is a bit stale. It just gets boring. For a concept that sweet, I’m really beginning to wonder what the hell these people were thinking. This may be a jump, but I think that .Hack could have easily rivaled the Final Fantasy series if they’d approached it seriously. The concept allows for a lot of complexity in terms of gameplay, and the developers really didn’t exploit it as far as they could have. I think the word for the feeling I have is probably disappointed.

There seems to be a raging debate going on in our shoutbox, with that ever-present question: Macs or PCs? There’s pros and cons to using each, like people have said – gaming vs. production programs and all that. But seriously, go with whatever you’re more comfortable with. I’d like to think that that’s the best criteria for selecting your platform of choice.

Hawk is hard at work on Applegeeks 2.0, and I gotta say that it looks good. You guys saw the preview yourselves – this guy really outdoes himself every time, doesn’t he? ^_^

That’s about it, I’d say. Back to my Cinammon Toast Crunch …

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I apologize for not posting anything this week, it got pretty busy over here. I’m on my winter break right now and I don’t work until next week. So I ended up doing some work around the house for the past few days. Painting the basememt, removing the old carpet and putting a new one in…. At the same time, I’m trying to get the new site ready for tomorrow. Hopefully, it will be up without any hair pulling and swearing.

December 25, 2003
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Ok here’s the deal, the cold I got over the weekend…it’s still hanging on and I’m trying really hard to kill it. The last couple of days, I have been getting headaches and my eyes started to hurt. I wasn’t able to finish the real comic for Thursday, so I’m posting a sketch I did for a FredArt Forum contest. I hope everybody likes it, hopefully I can get the real comic done tomorrow and post it on Friday. Happy Holidays everyone.

December 24, 2003
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This guy did this comic, which made me laugh. It more or less illustrates my odd fascination with the holiday season. Nono, I’m not saying that I hate this time of year … I honestly have a good time, especially since I finally have a chance to spend time with friends and family. But I find holiday traditions fascinating, especially the ones that are specific to particular families. My friend’s family makes it an annual event to wander the neighborhood with their dog, who they’ve taught to bark “jingle bells”. I’m told it’s cute, but folks – that’s just really wierd.

The author of the site that I linked to above has recently produced a graphic novel called Lost at Sea. I picked it up at the comics store by my apartment. It’s funny and strange and involves a scene where the protaganist convinces her traveling companions to chase cats. It is not a story for everyone, I think. If I had to sum it up, it sort of seems like a story about the confusion (and humor) of adolescence. Em’s already read it, and she’s enjoyed it as well. Anyway, I recommend checking it out.

I still can’t access my e-mail! Feel free to write, but I won’t be able to write back until a few weeks from now.

That’s about all I have to say! Happy Holidays guys!

December 23, 2003
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I’m still recovering from the flu I had over the weekend. Right now it’s just a little coughing here and there..with a little sneezing. Hopefully, I’ll be 100% in couple of days. I’m hoping to have the next comic come out on Thursday, so keep a look out.

December 19, 2003
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I need to present the new Applegeeks 2.0 to my class today. It’s not 100% complete but I got most of it done to show to the class. I still need to add couple more sections and fix some code. I think it will take another week or so to finish it completely. The release date to the public will be Jan 1, 2004.

December 18, 2003
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I’m in the process of cleaning out my computer and maybe getting a new one. This means a lot of things – one of which is that I won’t be able to check my e-mail for a while. For those of you who’ve e-mailed me, fear not – I’m not being a jerk and I /will/ write you back. It’ll just take a few weeks, heh.