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October 31, 2003
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As you can see, I was not able to do an issue for today like I planned last monday. The reason, college work got in the way. This week was actually a test for me to see if I could produce more than one or two strips per week. I guess I’m to busy with college and work to do that. The only free time I get is on the weekend. So anyways, the next comic will be on Monday.

October 30, 2003
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So yeah, this is a real game. And much to my (pleasant) surprise, people have started playing it. It’s a fun game, if you think about it. Apparently Matt (last name withheld because I don’t know if he wants me to withhold it or not), an Applegeeks reader, has already played this game with this friends. They, uh, ended up with detention, though, because it was on school grounds, so try not to play it there … ^_^;

Props to the FKNOP crew (they are my roots, after all) (and it probably sounds like a gang, and may be insofar as we like to shoot at people with nerf guns), but more importantly, props to my best friend Archer Mitchell for coming up with the game. As he told me last night, “It’s my job to come up with games that degrade others”, and he’s damned good at it. There was once a problem in his house with people taking all his York Peppermint patties (he’d buy the big boxes), so he devised a game to make people sick of them. The rules were as follows: Whoever eats the next peppermint patty had to eat one more than the previous person. I forget how many Ryan fit into his mouth before he decided that he hated York’s forever, but it was certainly a victory for Archer.

The funniest occurrence of the Shotgun game probably happened in a parking lot in front of … Safeway? I hesistate to say for sure. But two of our friends, Ben and J, were vying for front-seat rights, so the pants dropped, and a mad rush for the car ensued. They got pretty close, too, until Archer drove away. DROVE AWAY. So all that’s left is two guys standing in the middle of a parking lot with their pants around their ankles, expressions of confusion and shock stamped clearly upon their faces. Good times, good times.

All of which reminds me, I miss them. College has effectively taken over my life; there are times when I’ll pause in the middle of a design assignment or an english paper and think that there’s something messed up about not being able to see the FKNOP kids anymore. So I figure I’ll just bide my time, wait till there’s an opening – and the mental images of Ryan with his face puffed up like a chipmunk storing away for the peppermint pattie famine and Archer driving away from two guys without pants in the middle of a secluded parking lot will hold me over till then.

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So sweeeeeeeet! Check it out here!!

October 28, 2003
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Props to N-Gage for spawning this hilarious site. That’s about all it gets props for, though.

October 27, 2003
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Ok, here’s the plan for this week. Issue #43 is up for Monday, I’m planning to release another comic on Wednesday. Then another comic for Friday……going to be a busy week.

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Not much to say about this week’s comic, except that this is a real game my friends used to play in HS.

Props to the FKNOP! You know who you are. ^_^

October 24, 2003
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Once a Mac user, always a Mac user, right? Hawk has been setting up a PC for some reason or the other, and this is the first thing he said:

Hawk[AIM]: windows xp is VERY ugly

Really, what more can I say?