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September 29, 2003
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AIM 02:57 PM EST 09.29.03

Hawk: you have to see underworld
Ananth: Yeah, I really want to.
Hawk: go now
Ananth: *goes*
Hawk: yes
Hawk: obey me
Ananth: Hehehe.
Ananth: I have class, unfortunately.
Hawk: screw class
Hawk: you’ll learn about hot chick in tight leather suit
Ananth: Hahahahahahaha
Ananth: I’m sure Emily will appreciate that!
Hawk: with cute shiny buns
Ananth: HAHA

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Thanks to Mario Vukina for sending this in … it looks like this might beat the ridiculous monitor set-up that Hawk posted a link to earlier.—5_over_5.html

September 28, 2003
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AIM 11:46 PM EST 09.27.03
(gone home for the weekend)

Ananth: BRB, think my parents just got home …
Ananth: Yep, hehe.
Ananth: Haha, my parents went out on a Saturday night while I sat around the house … does that make my parents cooler than me?
Hawk: yup

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If you can tell me where “Bow weet granna weet niny bong” is from (that’s a rough quote, which I suppose is a bit unfair), then … well, you won’t get a prize, but I’ll give you a tip of the hat for sure. Remember, kids:


September 26, 2003
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… I’m working on it.

September 24, 2003
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So the Do Not Call List that was supposed to be enacted on October 1st got fucked. For those of you who don’t know, the List is something the FTC was putting together – you can call in or register through internet, I believe, and after October 1st, telemarketers are no longer allowed to harass you in your home. The List, unfortunately, was struck down by a lawsuit filed by the Direct Marketing Association.

Pretty annoying, I’d say.

September 23, 2003
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So my friend Daina sent me this link. It’s the top 100 challenged books of 1990-1999 … there’s obvious classics up there like sex education books alongside Slaughterhouse-Five … but somewhere in the middle of all of that, there’s Goosebumps. You guys remember Goosebumps. It was that series of “scary” stories that came out monthly from R.L. Stine, whose enigmatic name in and of itself struck horror in the minds of his readers.