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August 28, 2003
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Stop by and say Oi oi!

Not Ahoy hoy.

All the cool kids say Oi oi.

August 27, 2003
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Channel Rules (as of right now)

1) No spam
2) No flooding the channel
3) No automated scripts
4) No racism
5) No asking for ops
6) If you have a problem, ask an op
8) No advertising in the channel

#Applegeeks is now open. So if you feel like talking to the artist or writer of Applegeeks, then feel free to stop by and say Ahoy hoy. If you have any questions, feel free to stop by and ask.

How to join #Applegeeks (yes, for free, but we’ll take donation)

Download an IRC program for your computer. Here are some programs I recommend: mIRC (Windows), ircle (Mac), shadowIRC (Mac), iRC (Mac), XChat (Unix), and BitchX (Unix).

After you download the program and installed it, connect to the server and type “/join #applegeeks”. After that you should be in the channel. Have fun and I hope to see some of you there.

August 25, 2003
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So we got this fanart at Otakon, and it’s been lying on top of my scanner, but not inside it being scanned like it was supposed to be. But it’s been done. IT’S DONE. I’M DONE.

Haha, thanks Jekka! (You captured our likenesses rather skillfully.)

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From the middle of a work in progress:

Shivani stood at the peak of an abrupt rise, over the edge of a rending of the earth. Her thin body was pillared against the sky, and her long black hair waved behind her like a banner in the wind. Jon’s eyes slid past her the first time he let his gaze sweep the ridge; she was part of the land.


Black eyes struck brown as she turned to meet Jon’s gaze. They were big eyes, as dark as the hair that hung loosely about her pale chocolate cheeks. The sun framed her skinny, boyish body from behind as it climbed over the horizon – the sight made Jon suddenly tired.

“There you are.”

Shivani smiled briefly, and raised her arms to either side … she came running, weaving between sparse bushes and sprouts that pushed their way up through the dusty earth, around a tall stand of grass that rose up between her and Jon. Her bare feet slapped down onto a boulder, and she launched herself at him, throwing her arms around his neck; he grunted and stumbled backwards a step.

“Hey, easy … ” He flashed Shivani a smile; it was a smile he knew Carin could not see. “Sleep well?”

Shivani nodded, looking up at him with a blankly innocent expression. He sighed.

“You shouldn’t sleep outside.”

Shivani’s only answer was a soft giggle; she dropped to a crouch, to watch a small lizard trundle through a patch of grass.

“She looks unnatural in clothes.”

Jon blinked, his brow rising. “What?”

Carin shrugged, crouching next to Shivani. “I don’t know. They make her seem less … I don’t know. Maybe it’s that they’re not the right clothes … ” Shivani gave Carin a mute look, plucking worriedly at her shirt.


“Who is she?”

“She’s Shivani.”

“I know her name. I meant … ” Carin glanced at Shivani, and then towards Jon.

“She’s my sister.”

“Sister? But – “

“But what?”

Carin gave him an odd look. “Nothing, I suppose. Where is she from?”


Carin blinked. “How did she get here?”

Jon hesitated. “It’s … a long story.”

Carin wrinkled her nose at the cliché, falling silent. When she reached for the lizard, it scurried away and hid by Shivani’s feet. There was a soft sigh; she looked towards Jon. “Can we eat?”

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I feel like doing a little Q & A. so here goes …

Q: Hawk, did you really shave your head?

Yes, yes I did, and here’s proof.

Q: Are you crazy?!?

Yes, yes I am.

I’m going to rant a little more later on, I’m pretty tired right now.

August 24, 2003
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Okay, so if any of you have motivational problems, and have little tricks for kick-starting yourselves, maybe you can toss me a tip or two.

Got into a bad accident over the weekend – still aching a bit, but thankfully Em and I are still in one piece.

Accident happened on the way to a wedding, which is how Em managed to get me into a suit, and also how she managed to get me to dance just a little. Believe it or not, I’m bad at slow-dancing. When YMCA came on (yes, they played YMCA – and that big butts song, and I was like O_O), I sort of clammed up and helped myself to a lot of punch.

Just started reading Preacher, under recommendation from Emily who was intitially under recommendation by someone else … she said that it gets really good in the third volume. I’m hoping so, because I honestly wasn’t too impressed with the first volume. The interaction between the characters is actually pretty interesting if you can tolerate the way they talk, but the bits about Heaven and Hell and the Demons and the Seraphi all comes across as a bit contrived right now. The Saint of Killers is a badass, though. I’m losin’ my train of thought here, so I’d better go do something else.

August 21, 2003
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Ananth: Then you can make some money, right?
Nick: brb gonna go get t3h snaxxorz
Nick: cuz i’m the hungreezorz
Ananth: Hehe.
Nick: i have returned
Ananth: NO
Nick: YES!!!
Nick: (zorz)

Man, I’m tired … I’m not even sure if that’ll be funny when I check it tomorrow morning. It’s time for sleep, now.

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