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June 30, 2003
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I WIN. Sort of. >_
Otakon news. Due to a certain situation and personal things, I’m probably not spending the three-day weekend at Otakon. Which is a shame, because it’s something I look forward to, A LOT. In any event I’ll be there at least one day and most probably two, if I have anything to say about it. Hope it’s fun. If any of you know of good deals on hotels close by and not listed on the Otakon site, please drop me a line.

June 29, 2003
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Okay, here’s the deal – I must have accidentally double-clicked when uploading issue 21 (yeah yeah, a n00b mistake, right?), and it uploaded a 22. In my desperation to fix it, I uploaded again, which added a 23. I was about to upload replacement images for 22 and 23 – “placeholder” images – but I would end up with a blank 24 and 25. SO, here’s what you guys get to do – hit the dropdown menu and go to the first issue21. I’m retarded, I know.

I’m pretty sure Hawk can fix this when he gets back – it’s probably just a question of deleting some data out of the DB – but until then, we’re stuck with it like this. Sorry again. >_

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Well guys, I’m sorry – I somehow managed to break the site. I’m trying to fix things now, but probably it’ll be stuck like this till Hawk gets back on the 14th. >_
Sorry again … man, this is annoying.

June 25, 2003
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Couple of things.

First, I’m sorry if the last two comics didn’t make sense to some people. Apparently there is some confusion as to the punchline, and that’s probably my fault. Drawing and writing means less time for writing, because drawing just takes up a lot of time. So the writing suffers. Again, this was my mistake – sorry.

Second – and I’ll try to keep this brief, because Ian of Mac Hall already addressed this, but Ragnarok Online was fun while it lasted. However, a site plagued with things so strange as logon IDs, passwords, and personal information being stolen and ill treatment of fansites on which such an MMORPG ought to thrive is … well, it’s just odd. was more or less the premier fan site for this game, and they’re shutting down. That, my friends, is bad news. Maybe some day in the future I’ll hop back onboard, but for now it seems like Ragnarok Online is just wasted time. It’s really a shame, because when RO is fun, it’s a LOT of fun.

Hawk has been delayed by two weeks – he’s returning instead on July the 14th. You guys are stuck with me till then, I think.

June 24, 2003
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Happy Birthday Joy! Hehe, happy 21st. ^_^

June 22, 2003
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So I finished the comic late late last night and went downstairs to watch some anime – much needed break. Woke up this morning, went for a drive, ate, chatted it up w/ some people on AIM, and then … o_O Realized I didn’t *actually* post the comic.

So, uh, yeah, here it is. Late Sunday, as promised … although completely by accident …

June 21, 2003
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Comic is coming along … tried using thinner lines, so this comic may look a little messier – my hand isn’t as steady and trained as Hawk’s hand when it comes to inking. This one is a continuation of the last one. Hope you’re all enjoying yourselves – summer and all.

Speaking of summer, I’m going outside. I think I’m not getting enough sunlight.