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May 28, 2003
Posted @ 4:07 PM by Ananth in Rant | Comments Off on Hah.

I can receive and send e-mails again. The mistake was a little silly on my part.

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Apparently we’re having trouble with e-mail … I can’t seem to send out replies to e-mail, and I’ve been informed by a friend that sending e-mail doesn’t work either.

It’s being looked into.

May 27, 2003
Posted @ 3:11 AM by Hawk in Rant | Comments Off on Taking A Vacation

Ok folks, that time is finally here. I’m about to take my little vacation. Time to release all the stress and relax.

Applegeeks #16 is my last comic until I come back, I will return June 30th if you were wondering. While I’m gone, Ananth will write and draw Applegeeks. Yes Ananth can draw, he can draw and color better than me. Here is a sample of his work.

Anyways, I better get some sleep, I have a lot of traveling to do tomorrow.

May 26, 2003
Posted @ 2:17 PM by Hawk in Rant | Comments Off on Small Applegeeks Konfabulator Update

I’m in the process of moving this site to another server. If you downloaded the Applegeeks Konfabulator, you will need to download the updated version. There was a slight code change. If you don’t download the updated version, you will see a broken image.

May 23, 2003
Posted @ 9:48 PM by Ananth in Rant | Comments Off on Legos are sooo sweet.

I was doing a little research for Monday’s upcoming strip, and stumbled across this. Man, I used to love legos, and I’m sure a lot of you remember them too … anyway, props to this guy. Takes a lot of effort to do something like that. And a lot of time. Waaaay too much free time.

Kind of like people who do webcomics …

May 22, 2003
Posted @ 11:57 PM by Ananth in Rant | Comments Off on WHOOOOO!

Vacation is ON! Don’t sweat it Hawk. ^_^

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RULE #1: Always make a backup!

I just screwed up the whole fuckin blog database. Damn it!

Ok I’m officially pissed off right now. Excuse me while I kick my own ass!